All events are Zoom meetings (link will be sent via email). To sign up for our mailing list, please contact (BCS).

October (10/19/2020)

Biosketch workshop with special expert guests: Chris Proschel, Doug Portman, & Manny Gomez-Ramirez

November (11/23/2020)

Resilience (Organized by Juliette)

December (12/21/2020)

open discussion (e.g. members can get feedback on grant proposal or on situation, etc)

January (*1/25/2020*)

Move meeting from 18th to 25th to acknowledge MLK day; attend Carla Shatz Boynton talk at noon and trainees encouraged to join virtual lunch with Dr. Shatz afterwards and especially ask her about being a female leader in Neuroscience

February (2/15/2020)

Work/life Balance (Potential invited speaker from within UR community)

March (3/15/2020)

Recommendation letter workshop with special expert guests: Greg DeAngelis and John Foxe

April (4/19/2020)

Allison/Kosha/Jingyi will present results of their prizes & nominations search + open discussion if time

May (5/17/2020)

International student issues (from visas to jobs to managing cultural differences and bias encountered

possible invited speaker from UR community)

June (6/21/2020)

Open discussion (end of year feedback)